Hair implants in women

Can Women Get Hair Implants?

Many men have great success with hair transplants, but are they effective for women as well? We look at female hair loss and its effect on transplantation.

chocolate and turmeric

15 Best Foods for Women’s Health

Sometimes, eating healthy in general isn't enough. However, these foods have proven to improve women's health, so maybe it's time to add them in the mix.

A doctor talks about deviated septa

Deviated Septum Causes

A deviated septum is caused by the nasal tissue that separates your nostrils being displaced. This can occur for multiple reasons.

50 States and Their Total Retirement Savings

Average Retirement Savings by State (Compared to How Much Retirement Needed)

From analyzing average savings account balances to uncovering the annual cost of a comfortable retirement, we're discovering each state's retirement readiness.

Harry Potter movie

10 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Let's take a step back and recognize some of the biggest, most expensive films of all time, and what exactly they did with all that money.

bob mackie empress bride barbie

30 Toys From Your Childhood That Could Pay for Your Retirement

We all outgrow our toys, but ideally, they were safely boxed away—some could be valuable! These rare toys can help fund your retirement.

hybrid cloud infrastructure software

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Software Stack

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Software Stacks are the unsung heroes of the multi-cloud revolution, enabling organizations to harness the power of diverse cloud environments while streamlining management and optimizing costs.

jobs people are fleeing and headed to

Jobs People Are Fleeing From and Where They're Going

Here are the jobs that people are fleeing and what careers people are moving to instead. You might just be surprised by who struggling and who is on the rise! 

global payroll management software

Global Payroll Management Software

With global payroll management software, businesses can now facilitate their payroll processes, ensure compliance with local regulations, and enhance efficiency like never before.

A performer illuminated in a pink-purple light; the site of the ancient Elamite civilization

30 Interesting Facts About Iran

Just like other countries, Iran has a rich history and culture that is fascinating to foreigners. More than mosques and hijabs, filled with incredible food, sights, and historical places, Iran is a place to check out for sure.

states no one wants to work in

25 States Where No One Wants to Work

While the U.S. unemployment rate may be high, that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t job openings. Here are the top states where no one wants to work…

strangest driving laws

Strangest Driving Laws from Around the World

From the United States to Russia, there are some pretty bizarre laws out there that are almost too crazy to believe. These are the strangest driving laws from around the world!

small containers and plants dot a balcony

Gardening Ideas For Your Balcony

Just because you live in an apartment, it doesn’t mean you can’t grow a garden. There are plenty of plants that do very well in small spaces!

an old oak barrell has been turned into an herb garden

Five Creative Containers For Your Garden

Container gardening is a great way to grow your garden in a small space. This is perfect for you if you live in an apartment or have a small yard!

Here's What Popular Comic Strip Characters Look Like, According to AI

Here's What Popular Comic Strip Characters Look Like, According to AI

We've put AI to the test. With classic comic strip characters from Doonsbury, Dilbert, and more, you will surely see a few of your favorites.

college cheerleaders

The 15 Richest Colleges in America

These universities are known for being great, but they also have a ton of money to put back into their programs.

the most expensive high school in each state

The Most Expensive High School in Each State

Over $90,000 for one year of high school?! Did you know private schools could be this expensive?

celebrity who dropped out of college

25 Celebrities Who Dropped Out of College

In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to tell who has a college degree and who doesn’t. You’d be surprised at the celebrities who never finished college. Here's a list of 25 of our favorite dropouts.

reasons not to buy a honda

12 Reasons Not to Buy a Honda

From electrical problems to interior quality, we’ll cover all the ways Honda is not as hot as it thinks it is. Here are the 12 reasons not to buy a Honda. Let’s take a look!

cars mechanics say to run from

Cars Mechanics Say to Run From

Here are the popular cars that mechanics say to avoid… Or you might regret it!

Stars Who Drive Vintage Cars

31 Stars Who Drive Vintage Cars

These celebs could drive brand-new cars, but instead, they prefer something that's vintage, classic, and oh-so-much better..